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Focused on the heating needs of Selwyn people, in towns and rural properties.

Come visit us in our showroom, enjoy a coffee while you sit and chat about your heating requirements, your priorities and options available while considering your budget, heating needs and room aesthetics.  Book an in-home consultation and an installer will come to you to assess the suitability of your chosen fire option for your property in order to provide a quote for a full service installation.  

Building?  Bring us your floor plan, cross sections & elevations and we will arrange a quote from those. 

Open for drop-ins from 9am - 5pm weekdays and 10am-4pm Saturdays and Sundays.  

That doesn't suit?  Give us a call and we can be there by appointment. 

Because Warmth is what We do Best!

Discuss with us how a Showerdome® shower top will minimize bathroom steam and moisture  so you can enjoy mist-free mirrors, a dry bathroom and a warm, clear shower enclosure while reducing your water usage and power bills.


Where to Find Us
89 Rolleston Drive, Rolleston