Other Things we can do for you...

We can assist you in a number ways...  why have a stream of contractors involved when you can limit it to one or two. 

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Charmate Smokers

For smack in the face flavour, look no further than the legendary Charmate range of cooking and heating options. They have been providing Kiwis with traditional charcoal cooking and heating options for 20 years, meeting the demand for well-priced charcoal kettles, barrels, smokers, ovens, fire pits, chimeneas and fuel. 

Charmate is about fun times and delicious food.  They make charcoal easy with a selection of BBQ's, wood fire pizza ovens and outdoor heating designed for beginners, right through to serious charcoal chefs.​

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Ziegler & Brown BBQ's

Introducing Ziggy by Ziegler & Brown, a superior range of portable barbecues that provide quality, power and flexibility to help you discover a whole new world of outdoor entertaining.  These award-winning grills are compact, easy to carry, great to use, and are supported by a range of versatile accessories.


Whether you’re camping in the great outdoors, picnicking with family and friends or simply looking for a portable grill at home, Ziggy grills are an ingenious way to enjoy a delicious meal.  Designed for the Kiwi way of life, Ziggy is part of the Masport family.   Change the way you barbecue with a Ziggy!

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A Showerdome® puts a lid on your shower to stop steam and warm moist air getting out while preventing cold air getting into your shower, so​ steam clouds don’t form inside. 


It’s that simple. There is nothing to turn on, no running costs and no moving parts to wear out.   With a Showerdome® your bathroom remains dry, safe and clear while you stay warm and cosy inside your shower. You’ll enjoy mist-free mirrors, prevent mould and extend the life of your paint and bathroom features.

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Climate Control Heat Transfer

Reduce condensation and dampness and create a dry, healthy environment  in your home.   

A Climate Control heat transfer system partners your new fire utilising excess heat that pools at ceiling level and distributing it to warm other rooms within your home


Upgrade to a cool, dry healthy environment for your family during summer. Add a fresh air system and keep your home cooler over summer providing a dry and healthy environment for your family.

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Outdoor Fires, BBQ & Pizzeria

Free standing or built in - we can help.  Fancy a stone surround, a modern look or wheel away when you are finished?  Then we can help you too!    Large or small, no matter your requirements we have it covered and can assist with everything from the purchase to the cavity build and installation. 


Remember that consenting requirements, and therefore costly plans and council fees are no longer an issue for any fire not attached to the structure of your home although you must adhere to building standards.