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Sparky CA (Clean Air) & Sparky RU (Rural)

Sparky CA is sister to Sparky Multi Fuel and his big brother Leon.  She’s sweet and petite and proudly clean air approved 

Sparky CA was conceived to meet the urban demand for a compact, good looking wee fire in locations where brother Sparky Multi is not permitted.  She is Super Clean Burning with emissions of just 0.55g/kg and a well rated 68% efficiency. 

Sparky CA has streamlined panels incorporating a fixed log base and a stove top cooking surface which can be fitted with optional top rails. Pop a kettle on top for a nice cuppa and let her simmer away sweetly to warm your day. Like any little girl she loves to dress up so customised coloured panels are available to suit your decor and she even has her own purpose designed and tested petite flue system.  This little girl will keep you toasty warm & cosy while looking super smart.  She now also has a twin sister Sparky RU (Rural woodburner model for that extra turn down but not clean air approved due to this feature so must be fitted onto properties over 2 hectares or more)

Wood Size - Depth maximum 300mm (Advised Max 275mm), Diameter maximum 200mm (Advised Max 165mm)

 Proudly New Zealand Made



Wagener Sparky (Multi Fuel)

Let Sparky Brighten Your Day

Over a decade ago a conversation was had in Blenheim about a search for a small wood burning stove to suit a mobile home. Many discussions and much research later the Wagener Stoves team saw a gap in the market for a good looking, compact wee fire and in January 2012 Sparky was born.

Sparky has since won 1000's of hearts all over the country and can be found in many diverse situations and locations from holiday homes to mobile homes, tiny houses to rural cottages/sleep outs and even modern new builds. Across the entire country from hunting huts in Stewart Island, DOC huts to new builds in the very Far North and even on boats it seems everyone loves Sparky.

Sparky is a little bit of fun ……. Why not let him brighten your day.  We can get the paint set out and add a dash of colour here and there. Think Log box bases, side panels, air controls and heat shield collars in stunning shimmering rose, marine look metallic blue, sky blue or environmental moss green metallic.

Heat Output

Sparky generates a cosy 7kws (estimated) heat output. A “Lion” wet back can be fitted to heat your hot water.

Wood Size - Depth maximum 285mm (Advised Max 250mm), Diameter maximum 175mm (Advised Max 150mm)

Proudly New Zealand Made



Wagener Leon

Freestanding Multi-Fuel Fire

The Wagener Leon is Sparky’s big brother and has evolved because you asked us for a larger version of this extremely popular wee fire.  Leon has all the features of Sparky but with an increased heat output of 16-18kw, an optional 3kw wet back delivering plenty of hot water and a fixed log box base for storage.  The name Leon is in recognition of Leon Kernot who started the family business and designed the first ever original Wagener Stove (Cooktop) some 40+ years ago. Leon the man was hardworking, entrepreneurial and very popular and that is our expectation from this stove. Leon the stove is designed by son Barry and partner Ngaire, who are currently still in the business, and are handcrafted and dispatched by the grandsons Troy, Kyle and Adam along with the rest of the Wagener Stoves team.  Leon has been built to work hard and stand the test of time just like his forebear the original Wagener Stove. He will keep you warm and cosy on the outside and will boil the kettle or cook a pot of soup or stew to warm your insides too. Leon can also be fitted with optional cook top rails as we do on Sparky, Wagener Trivets also available.

Heat Output

The Wagener Leon generates a comfortable 16-18 kw (estimated) heat output. A 3kw “Lion” wet back can be fitted to heat your hot water.

Wood Size - Depth maximum 410mm (Advised Max 380mm), Diameter maximum 240mm (Advised Max 200mm)

 Proudly New Zealand Made

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