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A Range of Services to suit your requirements!

Our Sales Team is available to meet you in our showroom at a time that suits your schedule.  Call us and arrange an appointment! 


Showroom Visit

Drop in or make an appointment to visit our showroom and discuss your heating requirements with our consultant. Relax and enjoy a  coffee while we discuss your options and consider your priorities around heat output, usage, asthetics and pricing and we will help you find a fire that best suits your lifestyle requirements. 


Allow us to provide a quote just to supply your chosen fire, or for a full installation service.


In-Home Appointments

Our installer can visit your home to assess with you the fire that most suits your needs while also considering any complexities your chosen lo​cation may provide.   


Allow us to provide a quote for a full service installation - we can arrange everything from council consenting, delivery and installation and we can also liase with other required trades on your beh​alf.  


The only thing we ask is that you arrange the final council inspection at a time that suits you.  



Our consultant can visit your office, or job site and quote from plans for your chosen fire.  Your clients can attend our showroom, or suggest and even provide their own fire preference and we can arrange for a quote and installation of this.    

In order to quote from plans, we require the floor plan, cross sections and elevations and it is helpful to be advised the roof type and colour to determine which flashing is required for your installation.

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